Data needs to be fixed
We are fixing it


Our goal is to revolutionize the fragmented data ecosystem by making it possible for individuals and organizations to store and monetize data and data-based assets efficiently and in perpetuity.

At its core, datasaas. is a data infrastructure project with a mission to give individuals back ownership of their data.

We aim to lay the foundations for democratizing data lineage and enabling users to control and monetize their data ethically. Whilst it is established that data is an ever-important commodity for enterprises, individuals still lack the most basic infrastructure to track lineage and grant case-by-case access to data accrued over their lifetimes. Data storage needs an overhaul from ground up to make data future proof (even after centuries have passed) and be treated as a regulated digital asset.


Data Wallet

Secure infrastructure for data storage in DataBox for all types of data (Health, Social Media, Web Activity, Buying and Transactions, IoT Connected Devices, etc) as well as partial ownership stakes in curated (derived data) and partial stakes in AI models.

White Labeled

Ability for applications to build on top of a decentralized data storage and interconnected applications. Enable individuals to grant case-by-case access to traditional web application and decentralized applications through DataBox.

Data Lineage Blockchain

For data, curated data and data based assets (AI models) tracked and traced on an immutable ledger.

Decentralized Data Storage

Decentralized autonomous network of nodes for data storage to ensure data is safe, reliable and relevant data is prioritized and available.

Algorithmic Data Monetization

Create infrastructure to securely monetize the data assets inside DataBox through a data marketplace via secure multi party computation and federated learning + Fully Homomorphic Encryption based on pre-set algorithms.

Data as a Digital Asset

Lay foundation for Crypto-Inheritance and tracking of Data Assets and financial rights for Data.


Framework for all stakeholders (data buyers, data sellers, data curators, organizations, individuals, data owners) to ensure regulatory compliance globally through maintaining an auditing side-chain with Government.

Securitizing Data Assets

To issue Security Tokens on Data Wallets to monetize data in perpetuity in decentralized data marketplaces. With profits tied to token holders, data assets can be ethical monetized forever.